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Electrical System Mapping & Inspection

Save time. Save money. Get your electrical system organized now. An up-to-date electrical 1-line drawing is invaluable to every maintenance staff. Never again waste hours attempting to track down circuit feeds. Our 1-lines contain all the information you need to quickly identify all your circuit feeds throughout the facility. Our drawings include all major electrical devices, wire sizes, fuse/breaker rating, voltage/current ratings, locations, color coding and available spaces and spares. To take it a step further, have us update your panel schedules, create nameplates and identification for all of your equipment. It is quick and more affordable than you may think.

It has been our experience that the governing bodies of the health care industry have recently placed a heavy emphasis on accurate panel labeling. Dyna Scan has state of the art equipment that can trace up to 48 circuits at a time in a single panel. This now makes the work of circuit tracing more efficient, accurate, and above all, affordable. Along with the finest equipment, our technicians have years of experience tracing lines and use a common sense approach to this often daunting task.